Even wondered what decorations you could use at your UV Glow Party? Bellow I have listed some cheap and easy to make UV glow party decorations.

Make your own UV Reactive wall and table decorations using fluro cardboard available at office most supplies shops. Cut the fluro cardboard into different shapes; Stars, love hearts, circles and triangles. 

You can use fluro tissue paper to make UV Reactive streamers and confetti. 

White bed sheets will light up a blue colour under black lights you can  peg them onto walls to stop walls getting marked with UV Face paints.

Ok now this may seem funny but you can use toilet paper as a UV Reactive prop as it also glows under black light

Turmeric is an organic spice used in Indian cooking. Turmeric glows a yellow colour under black light. 

You can draw on white photo paper with highlighter pens to create UV Glow Party signage.    

You could also use a Handheld UV Black Light Torch to look for things that glow under uv black light when you are shopping. 

Six easy to find and make fluorescent UV party decorations

These photos were taken at a home glow paint party in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Jodie's New Years Eve Party was a huge success and had everything you could want at a home party: A professional DJ, Dance Floor, Black Lights and Laser lights and heaps of glow goodies.

Good times had by all at Jodie's 2014 NYE Glow Paint Party

The bellow photos are from a Budgerigar show Glow Paint Industries attended in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

This is a photo of Don Burke.

 Some signage painted with UV Glow Paints 

 More signage painted with UV Glow Paint

Three Budgerigars with UV Markings

To sum it up it was a good day and I still like to look back at these beautiful photos from the show. 

Some photos from a parrot show we attended in Sydney as a merchant

Check out our awesome new youtube video showing UV Black Light Reactive Party Snow in action.

And yes you can make UV Snow Balls for UV Snow fights! Learn more: Neon Instant Snow

UV Black Light Reactive Party Snow Video

Introducing Rave Glasses.

These Rave Glasses are available in three epic colours: Blue, Pink and Yellow. Check out the video to see these beauties in action!

Look rad at the next music festival you attend

In this video you can see some paintings painted with our Glow Paint Industries brand UV Glow Paints. We offer eleven vibrant UV Neon colours. Made in Australia and non-toxic.

Check out our awesome UV Glow Paint slideshow video

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My name is Jason and I will now be looking after our blogger page.

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